What Should Be Paid Attention To When Planning Hotel Movable Partition?

- Sep 24, 2020-

Now the hotel movable partition is used more and more widely. According to the different needs of the place, it is necessary to have the sound insulation effect. The hotel movable partition has a variety of sound insulation functions: level improvement sound insulation, wall corner sound insulation, straight sound insulation, skeleton sound insulation, data use sound insulation, operation sound insulation, surface material sound insulation. It can be refined from these aspects to submit the sound insulation effect Horizontal sound insulation design of shop partition: using the basic principle of Jack, selecting the upper and lower layered rubber sound insulation system structure, the two layers of rubber strips are tightly attached to the hanging rail of the ceiling and the floor, blocking the dispersion of sound source and blocking the noise from the same level; dealing with the phenomenon of various sound leakage from the source, not only achieves the sound insulation effect, but also makes the isolation Broken products are more secure.


Hotel movable partition

In the hotel planning concept, some elegant and attractive design elements will be integrated. Hotel partition is one of its design, which is in harmony with the indoor environment and indoor environment. It presents the harmonious and peaceful beauty. When entering the lobby of a hotel, the planned and perfect partition will be gathered in each corner. This is the separation of hotel activities, no matter how large the hotel is There will be a lack of space.

Hotel activities are easy to accept, do not occupy space, planning beautiful, vivid pictures, in use, can give people fresh and elegant, the experience of Wonderland. It brings together various colors to meet the needs of different guests.

The basic work of hotel movable partition in planning, the door must be sound proof, so that the sound of an indoor will not spread to the corridor construction. Even if we don't have any secret words, the enterprise still lacks the ability to know how many service technicians will hear during the cleaning process, such a kind of guest and hotel are not good; In the planning of partition wall, mineral wool board can be added to the wall, and the sound absorption effect of mineral wool board can be better, and it can provide useful sound partition for each two rooms, so that guests will not have to worry about the excessive noise in the room and affect the rest of other different rooms in China.