Why Does The Glass Partition Of The Office Fog?

- Oct 08, 2020-

The decoration of office in the new era has greatly improved the utilization rate of glass partition. But for the enterprise office which is using glass partition, there will be a very important problem, that is, frost and condensation will appear in the double glass partition. So how can we effectively prevent the frost or condensation of the glass partition in the office?


The reason why the glass partition will frost or dews is that the air humidity in the sealing layer reaches the saturation state. In this state, the temperature in the partition is lower than the indoor temperature, so the water vapor in the partition will condense into liquid water, which is also the dew point we often say. In summer, when it rains and the temperature drops, the indoor glass window will also have this situation. The rise of dew point of double-layer glass partition is mainly caused by external moisture entering into the partition layer and not being absorbed by desiccant, and these two situations can also lead to the rise of dew point; there are bubbles in the sealant, leading to air moisture entering; the desiccant adsorption capacity in the glass partition is poor.

In order to prevent the dew point rising in the glass partition, the following measures must be taken: 1. Reduce the diffusion of water through the polymer: mainly rely on the selection of sealant with low permeability coefficient, maintain reasonable sealing thickness, so as to reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside the double glass partition. 2. Reduce the production and processing time of glass partition: try to reduce the contact time between desiccant and atmosphere, prevent the loss of adsorption capacity and make the desiccant have higher adsorption capacity. 3. Choose the appropriate hardware decoration of office glass partition: the air gap of the small hole should be small to reduce the water absorption in the actual operation process. 4. Use better glass partition desiccant: choose the desiccant with high adsorption rate and lasting.