Demountable Office Partition Wall

●Characteristic:lateste european style,79mm thick glass partition
●Profile thinckess :79mm
●Materials:Double layer 6mm glass+12mm steel plate + Anodized aluminum frame
●Core Construction:Glass to glass connect by steel structure
●Metal steel inner structure for steeel partition : Steel keel structure
●Surface materials:12mm single glazed or 6mm double glazed
●Module Dimension:As per plan
●Avarage thikncess of profile :3.0mm
●Sound insulation:45-48db
●Color:white, black, sliver , gray

Product Details

As the fundamental to your corporate identity, the design of your workspace should be highly valued. Egood Single and Double Glazed Office Partition wall can make full use of all available space via createa well-organized workplace from a tight,cramped office, that ensures the growing space of your business and meet needs of employee's.

Product NameDemountable Office Partition Wall
CharacteristicConstruction of aluminium profiles on perimeter
Design featuresSingle glazing or double glazed, or combination
Wall Thickness79mm,90mm,108mm
Grip to the structure of buildinHidden links to the slab and walls
Way of installationFixed by top and bottom channel
Weight25-35 kg/m2
Wall finish typeframed exposed, frame concealed, panoramic view ,Combination with solid structure
Glass thickness8/10mm for single glazed, 5/6mm for double glazed
ApplicationPublic buildings/Offices and conference rooms

The primary function of the partition is to reduce and control the echo and reverberation within different spaces. All whilst being visually eye-grabbing and certainly a topic of discussion.

double glaze partition wall

Glass office partition

office partition wall

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