Sliding Ceiling Track Soundproof Acoustic Hanging Partition Wall Panels

Sliding Ceiling Track Soundproof Acoustic Hanging Partition Wall Panels

● Surface finish: steel panel
● STC: 45db
● Panel thickness: 90, 108mm

Product Details

We will initially maintain the business philosophy of quality and continue to provide our customers with superior Aluminum Glass Partition, Double Glazed 90 Office Glass Partition, Frameless Glass Partition. Our company is not a company that blindly pursues sales performance and ignores the quality of products. Our company, thanks to our strong innovation ability, pushed into a new stride forward in the market and achieved great success in the global market. Our company has established the core content of corporate culture with distinctive characteristics, laying the foundation for the long-term development in the future.

 Surface finish: steel panel
 STC: 45db
 Panel thickness: 90mm
 Steel panel color: optional
 Division: according to site condition
 Finish layer: single or double
 Mixed finishes: available
 Door: available
 Blind: available

 Lock: narrow type


Characteristic:latest european style

Profile thickness :90mm

Materials: steel panel plus anodized aluminum top and bottom frame

Core Construction: aluminum frame

Metal steel inner structure: Steel keel structure

Surface materials:double layer steel panel

Module Dimension:As per plan

Avarage thickness of profile :3.0mm

Sound insulation:43~45db

Frame color:Dark, Gray , sliver color

Egood90 is a new product launched recently. The fresh design reveinvents people's perception over glass partition. The glass partition is composed of steel keel,steel column, buckle type frame,with panel"floating"on the surface. The entire partition surface is concise and atmospheric which makes office a "beautiful scenery".


90 Office glass Partition

Project case:

The Project case of Steel Panel Removable Office Partition

For more details ,please feel free to contact our project manager :

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Each of our Sliding Ceiling Track Soundproof Acoustic Hanging Partition Wall Panels is made of high-quality raw materials, which is the bearing of experience and creativity. Also we support the delivery of absolutely free samples. You can always find the products you need in our company!


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